SASW Social Worker of the Year 2011: Sandy Watt (Part two)

Interview April 2012
Published on 10 May 2012

At the end of March 2012, the Scottish Association of Social Work (SASW) awarded its annual Social Worker of the Year Award 2011 to Sandy Watt, mental health officer at North Lanarkshire Council.

At the award ceremony Sandy was described as "skilled, courteous, ethical and effective" in working with people with mental health challenges.

Recently, Sandy sat down for a chat with Rikke Iversholt, project manager at Iriss, to share stories and learning from his 30 years as a social worker. In these video clips, Sandy talks, among other things, about the rewards of a career in social work, what he sees as the challenges to the sector in the current financial climate, and his role as a practice teacher.

The interview has been split into two parts.

Part Two includes Sandy Watt speaking about:

  • keeping up to date
  • what it means to be named social worker of the year
  • studying and qualifying
  • significant changes in social work during his career so far
  • plans for the future

View Part  One.

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