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Freshly Squeezed: Trisha Hall, Episode 212

Freshly Squeezed, an Iriss podcast
An interview with Trisha Hall, National Director of the Scottish Association of Social Work (SASW). 

Freshly Squeezed: Viv Cree, Episode 209

Freshly Squeezed, an Iriss podcast
An interview with Viv Cree, Professor of Social Work Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

Leadership and professional identity, Episode 203
Susan Taylor, past President of Social Work Scotland, provides the keynote on leadership and professional identity, focusing particularly on the post-qualifying period. 

Building the future; shaping our social work identity, Episode 202
Viviene Cree introduces the Building the Future; Shaping our Social Work Identity conference, and is followed by a presentation by Jane Johnstone who provides some thought provoking asks of attendees.