Practical learning (PEPE 2008)

Practical learning: achieving excellence in the human services, EICC, Edinburgh, January 23-25 2008.

A practice role for nurse lecturers: an anachronistic concept? - Sally Glen

Practical learning conference (PEPE 2008)

The wholesale movement of nursing education into higher education is now a decade old. The catalyst was Project 2000, which was a vision, not only a professional qualification, but an academic one, the diploma in higher education. A review of the literature, however, identifies how the nursing curriculum has always been subject to continuous external pressure and is a balancing act between health service needs, the educational vision of the day and the available financial resources.

Traditional? You tell me - John Geates

Practical learning conference (PEPE 2008)

The title Traditional - You Tell Me challenges thinking in relation to Police training. There is a perception that still exists about traditional, old fashioned methods in the way that officers are trained and groomed for service. Nothing, in this modern day could be further from the truth.

Beyond anecdote: the quest to codify practice wisdom - Mark Doel

Practical learning conference (PEPE 2008)

The everyday experience of practice is rich in potential for learning, as practice educators (student supervisors) are well aware. However, there are considerable barriers to the systematic and sensitive collection of these experiences, with the result that much potential learning is lost.

BT as a learning organisation - Alex Wilson

Practical learning conference (PEPE 2008)

Alex Wilson, will cover how BT puts learning at the heart of its business and uses this to develop its talent and leadership capability. Alex will explain the philosophy of learning in BT, how it is systematically integrated to the business objectives and tracked and measured against business drivers. He will talk about BT using technology to accelerate learning and as an enabler for business transformation.