Forgotten Citizens (2008)

A national conference celebrating Learning Disability Week 2008

Forgotten Citizens, Tuesday 17 June 2008, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow.

Forgotten Citizens: welcome - Lisa Curtice, David Kinloch

Forgotten Citizens conference

Lisa Curtice Welcomed everyone to the event.

David Kinloch: David speaks about his experiences of being in long-stay hospital and how this affected his life. He also tells us about how he had moved on with his life since leaving hospital in the 1980s.

Forgotten Citizens: researching the past - Dorothy Atkinson, Mabel Cooper

Forgotten Citizens conference

Dorothy Atkinson and Mabel Cooper: Dorothy and Mabel share their experiences of working alongside one another to find out about Mabel's past in long stay institutions in England. They tell us about the stories about Mabel's family they had uncovered and also how Mabel feels about the institutions she had been in.

Recorded at Forgotten Citizens, Tuesday 17th June 2008, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow.
A national conference celebrating Learning Disability Week 2008.

Forgotten Citizens: today's forgotten citizens - Furrah Arshad, Tahira Ramzan

Forgotten Citizens conference

Furrah Arshad: Furrah will introduce us to the work of her organisation Ethnic Enable and how it started up. She will also talk us through some of the major issues affecting people with learning disabilities from black and minority ethnic communities in Scotland. She will also share her thoughts on how best to support and make connections with families from black and minority ethnic communities.

Forgotten Citizens: tomorrow's citizens - Jo Cochrane, James Withers, Alan May

Forgotten Citizens conference

Jo Cochrane: Jo welcomes everyone back to the main conference and talks about why she feels its so important we don't lose the histories of people with learning disabilities.

James Withers: James talks about his work with the Scottish Youth Parliament and how his role has changed over time.

Alan May: Alan is James' buddy at the Scottish Youth Parliament and shares his experiences of supporting James and becoming his friend over time.

Forgotten Citizens: goodbye and thanks! - Lisa Curtice, Jan Murdoch

Forgotten Citizens conference

Lisa Curtice: Lisa talks about the importance of including everyone's story and how people will communicate this is lots of different ways. She reminds us that it's important to find lots of ways of capturing people stories, especially those with profound and multiple disabilities and that documents and other things can tell stories as well as people's voices.