Innovation and change

As part of our Spark programme, we support people, workers and organisations to innovate and explore different ways of working.

We offer bespoke support to groups of people, teams and organisations who want to change their service design, practice or processes.

Organisations want to support innovation and create cultures that can adopt, create and share innovative ideas. This can be difficult when there is little space to reflect on practice, identify problems and come up with solutions. We provide the space, skills and tools to do this.

Below is a diagram of how we approach our innovation and change work.


We will spend time building a relationship with you, your team and other stakeholders – to understand your context and aims, and to build trust.

We might use an approach such as appreciative enquiry or co-production to do this, but this will be bespoke to you. We pull on a number of approaches and tools to open up conversations.

As part of the 'build' we will also gather and share relevant evidence – research, grey literature, published case studies – to understand the topic. If, for example, you want to change how you do supervision, or record practice in your team, we’ll use evidence to inform the process.


When we have an understanding of your context, we will work with you to imagine how the system could be different. We will then support you to try out new ways of working – finding practical ways to make positive change.


We provide time and space for changes to be embedded in your context. We maintain relationships with you beyond the core meetings and workshops, and aim to give you the confidence and skills to continue these processes without our support.

We will share the learning – both yours and ours – with the wider sector. The tools, methods and approaches we use can be of help to the workforce.

Examples of our work

Improvement to case recording – East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership and The Borders Council.

Better supervision –  Nether Johnstone House, Simon Community Scotland and Dundee City Council. 

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