Able Radio

Published on 6 May 2013
This article originally appeared in Care Appointments magazine in their Webwatch section.

Radio is a great way of sharing stories, research and experience. It's almost a year since Iriss launched Iriss.FM, an internet radio station for the social services in Scotland, and we now air a regular schedule of varied programmes: Foetal Alcohol Disorder Syndrome; young people's safety on the internet; bi-polar disorder; women's imprisonment. Able Radio is another example of how effective this medium can be.

Able Radio was founded in 2006 by a group of volunteers passionate about improving the everyday lives of disabled people. The enterprise grew rapidly through demand and now plays a pivotal role within the disabled community. Beyond on-air broadcasts, Able Radio engages with numerous organisations and individuals across the UK through training, outside broadcasts and remote satellite centres. Funding from The Big Lottery has assisted in its rapid development with the introduction of a small professional management team to drive operations and future expansion. Underpinning all activities are a team of dedicated volunteers, most living with a disability themselves. The music, information and chat presented by a variety of personalities has its own style that focuses on the ability in disability.

As a community of interest radio station it highlights events, achievements, accessibility and opportunity. Essentially it seeks to entertain and inform, with a diverse music policy and talented team of on-air talent. There are opportunities for all to get involved both on and off-air. The Able Radio 'family' of listeners and contributors has expanded to include carers, family members and friends, social and health care professionals, as well as all who seek a lively mix of music and chat. Media and other training facilities are a key part of its role, as is supporting charities and organisations at conferences and presentations.

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