IASSIDD 2019 conference

Iriss.fm, Episode 244

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Michael McEwan speaks to Linda Mitchell from SCLD about IASSIDD conference being held in Glasgow.

Waterbaby Arts

Iriss.fm, Episode 242

Michael McEwan chats to Ruth Foster, a tutor at Waterbaby Arts and two of the dancers involved in the Dirty Feet programme.

Driving Miss Daisy

Iriss.fm, Episode 239

A driving and companion service for anyone who requires transport on a one-off or regular basis.

Social Security Scotland

Iriss.fm, Episode 236

We hear about Social Security Scotland's work to date and its ambitions for the future.

Learning Disability Week launch

Iriss.fm, Episode 233

Michael McEwan speaks to Libby Clement from SCLD; James Morton, Bake Off finalist; and Jonathan McKinstry, a nominee in the 2018 Learning Disability Awards.

Disability Equality Scotland

Iriss.fm, Episode 232

Michael McEwan chats to Ian Buchanan about Disability Equality Scotland, focusing specifically on Disability Access Panels. 

Outspoken Arts

Iriss.fm, Episode 231

A creative organisation interested in work which references cutting edge social issues such as creative learning, stories of migration and asylum, issues affecting LGBT people, disability, ethnicity, creative ageing and social health and well-being.

Access to Politics

Iriss.fm, Episode 222

Access to Politics is a project which aims to support disabled people into politics.