I’m in control, not the computer

Published in Features on 8 May 2014

One aspect of my job is writing the code behind websites. It can be a hugely satisfying job but at the same time a very solitary one, struggling to solve a bug can sometimes take many hours and when solved there’s almost always no one who knows that you’ve been struggling.

One thing that helps me concentrate is listening to music. It’s not that I find the office too noisy or even that I’m easily distracted (which I am really). I just like good tunes.

At Iriss we have a small but perfectly formed technical team, in my previous job I was part of a much larger team of programmers and graphic artists who all sat in the one area and quite often spent a large amount of time with headphones on.

A visitor was surprised to learn one day that we were listening to music, when asked what she thought we were doing she replied:

“I thought you were all taking instructions from the computer…”