Generations Working Together, Episode 234
Michelle from Iriss speaks to Kate Samuels from Generations Working Together about the work it does to promote and support intergenerational practice. She also chatted to Keith Mitchell and Natalie Stewart from Glasgow’s Golden Generation; and Charlotte Craig from Impact Arts about their intergenerational work.  

Outspoken Arts, Episode 231
A creative organisation interested in work which references cutting edge social issues such as creative learning, stories of migration and asylum, issues affecting LGBT people, disability, ethnicity, creative ageing and social health and well-being.

Limelight Music, episode 152
Michael McEwan speaks to Gordon Dougall, Artistic Director of Limelight Music, a Scottish Equalities professional music training and production company.

Powtoon - create animated videos and presentations

Animated videos are becoming an increasingly popular way to explain concepts, communicate ideas and enliven presentations. Even the driest topics and reports can be brought to life when communicated through animated videos. However, it can be expensive to commission an illustrator to create animations for your ideas. This is where Powtoon can help. Powtoon mission is to address the frustrations people have with PowerPoint and Keynote. It offers an alternative - a combination of presentation and animated cartoon.

Serendipity and conference attendance

Narrative Practitioner Conference
Narrative Practitioner Conference, Keele University, 2009. I asked audience members to bring objects with them. In the photo, they are exchanging them with someone whom they do not know.

I remember quite well a major national disciplinary group’s annual conference in Birmingham that I attended some time ago now.

Weebly - simple website creation

Want to create a website or blog but don't have skills in web design or development? Weebly can help. Weebly offers an easy and affordable way to create a website or blog that works across computers, phones and tablets. Maybe you would like to blog about a project, showcase resources and / or grow personal and professional networks. Weebly can support you to make your content visible on the web and raise the profile of your work.

Curating social care digital content - learning from other industries

Keeping track of digital content, deciding what to read. listen to and watch can be daunting.

In the music industry radio and the music press used to be how peoples listening and buying decisions would be influenced. Helping people to navigate genres, styles, fads, the niche and eccentric.

However, today radio and the printed word are no longer preeminent. With youtube being the biggest music discovery platform and the hype machine being the 'have to go to' music blog review site how can people get heard above the crowd?