HTML - a tool for creativity

Published on 29 Sep 2014

Recently I had the opportunity to try Paperlater a new service from the smart people at Newspaper Club.  It's a service that enables you to take web pages you’ve been meaning to read and collect them into your own personalised newspaper with little more than a single click (or email if you like).  When you have enough pages hit the order button and your issue is then printed & delivered for £4.99

PaperLater lets you save the good bits of the web to print — so you can enjoy them away from a screen.

The service is in testing at the moment and I can highly recommend it.  On a recent trip to Aberdeen I took my first issue as reading material and it kept me busy for most of the travelling time.  My first issue contained a wide range of articles from a number of sources such as Wikipedia, WIRED &

paper later

Creative Power

It’s reminded me of the simple power of publishing as HTML - it’s what makes services like this work so well.  Now I can publish my own newspaper without knowing a single thing about HTML, desktop publishing or printing.


To illustrate the longevity of HTML please view the very first webpage, it’s now over 20 years old but that page will still be presented as it was meant to be seen all those years ago, no special software required - can you say the same for documents of your own from 20 years ago?

Letter Press Blocks By Michele M. F. [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons