Green Juice

Published in Features on 30 Oct 2014

Everyone has an attitude towards eating greens. We may like them or not; but we all know that they are good for us. However, we don't always prioritise eating them or other healthy foods. We tend to blame our busy lives for not taking sufficient care to give our bodies the nutrition they need unless we have had a recent illness or health scare.

Yet, even when we are pressed for time, we can still get the nutritional benefit of greens from drinking a green juice. This is a portable, convenient and quick way of getting our greens in an easily digestible form. We can buy it at health-food shops, health-conscious cafes or make it at home and bring it with us. It’s quick and easy to consume, gives our bodies a positive boost and makes us feel that we are taking good care of our physical health.

So what might be the equivalent of ‘Green Juice’ for our spirits that is just as portable, convenient and easy to access?

What will boost our spirits and make us feel that we are taking good care of our spiritual health? Here are some ideas:

To lift your spirits you could….. 

  • Find an uplifting inspirational quote from a web-site e.g.;
  • Read and contemplate an excerpt from your favourite text or poem;
  • Spend 5-10 minutes in silent contemplation whilst sitting, walking or looking out the window;
  • Phone a family child or toddler and share a ‘piece of their magical world’;
  • Look at photographs that evoke special memories or happy times;
  • Visit your favourite place virtually on google maps or a website;
  • Play the first music you ever bought on a music-streaming site e.g. spotify;
  • Call a special friend or relative that you haven’t seen for a while;
  • Look at, touch or hold a precious object that is small enough to carry with you;
  • Make a quick sketch of something you can actually see or recall from a recent memory;
  • Write a short poem, lyric or letter for a loved-one;
  • Take a photo of something you wouldn’t normally notice like the texture of a bag, a spider’s web or reflections in a glass object;
  • Hum, whistle or sing a favourite song or create your own;
  • Spend 10 minutes on a miniature craft activity e.g. knitting a square or building a matchstick model;
  • Light a candle;
  • Smell your favourite essential oil;

To make these portable, convenient and easy to access get a physical pouch or a virtual folder on your phone or tablet. Add your Green Juice items or equipment to make a selection of small ‘up-lifting’ experiences for you to tap into whenever you want to give your spirit a healthy boost.

If you want to nurture the Artistic or Creative part of your spirit why not take a bit of Julia Cameron’s advice in her book, ‘The Artist’s Way’ (1994) and take yourself on a weekly ‘Artist date’ to stimulate your curiosity, delight your senses and engage your creativity.