Published in Features on 7 Apr 2015

Communities of practice or enterprise social networks as they're also known are great for sharing learning, developing new connections and collaborating. The Knowledge Hub, Yammer and Socialcast are examples of platforms where people come together to collaborate, network and share information. These online communities can save a lot of time and money as there's no need to travel long distances, replenish the petrol tank or raid the purse for train and bus fares.

Wiggio is a new kid on the communities of practice block. In reviews it's been referred to as an easy solution for group collaboration, even where group members are unfamiliar with tools beyond email. This is most likely due to its simple interface and clear information and options. It not only functions as a space for conversation, but provides a suite of group management tools. And communication can be via video, audio or chat which makes it more dynamic.

The main features include:

  • It's free!
  • Groups are completely private.
  • Meetings - users can choose between chat rooms and conference calls.
  • Messages can be sent to group members by text message, email and voice note.
  • Users can share useful web links so that the group has a shared set of bookmarks.
  • A shared calendar for management of group events.
  • Folder - most file types can be uploaded to Wiggio groups. Group members can download files, modify them and them re-upload them. And older versions will still be saved.
  • Poll - an easy way to get a quick consensus.

Wiggio can be used by study groups, project teams, businesses and clubs. It's for any group of people that want to collaborate with ease.

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