ScOPTbox - practice learning library

Published in Features on 7 Dec 2015

ScOPTbox is a curated collection of resources for social workers and others involved in supporting learning in the workplace in Scotland. It has been developed by the Scottish Organisation for Practice Teaching (ScOPT), and was launched at the ScOPT conference in Glasgow on 12 November.

The collection of materials has either been created or recommended by social work educators. ScOPTbox contains activities, readings, audiovisual material, templates and links to websites. It also provides access to journal abstracts, up-to-date news and member reviews about practice learning literature.

ScOPTbox is still evolving. In time, it is hoped that it will provide:

  • a collection of practice learning materials, contributed by members and colleagues with an interest in practice learning
  • a gateway to practice learning materials in Scotland, across the UK, and internationally
  • hosted space for practice educators who wish to engage with students online, or provide secure access to resources for their students
  • hosted spaces for communities of practice

Most of the collection can be accessed without having to login, but you need an account to rate, comment, collaborate, and save and manage your own learning resources. You can join ScOPT free of charge.

Visit ScOPTbox: Practice Learning Library