Pilotlight resources: designing pathways to self-directed support

Published in News on 8 Nov 2013

The Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 goes live on the 1st April 2014 and the implementation of the National Strategy is well underway across Scotland. Pilotlight is contributing to these preparations.

We are working with co-design teams of people who use and deliver services across Scotland to design pathways to self-directed support. Using a design approach, the project is demonstrating how to implement support for seldom heard groups, provide more personalised and appropriate services and increase the marketplace of support providers.

Pilotlight video

We have created a video for people to learn more about Pilotlight and how it works. In the video, co-design team members talk about the engaging and interactive pick 'n' mix idea they have come up with to help everyone understand self-directed support.

Listen to people's experiences of Pilotlight on IRISS.FM

A Pilotlight IRISS.FM episode has also been produced, which involves co-design team members in Moray talk about their Pilotlight experience and what they think about self-directed support for people with mental health problems, self-directed support for those with mental health problems.

On the Pilotlight blog

The blog details progress on the Pilotlight pathways to date and features posts from the co-design team in Moray. Read Natalie's feelings about co-design and how it has opened her eyes to a new way of thinking, and Katrina's views on why self-directed support could be very positive for someone with mental health problems.

Next steps

Within the next couple of weeks we will be in touch to present our pick 'n' mix animation. It is hoped pick 'n' mix will give everyone the chance to see the positives, and potential, of this exciting new way of getting support.

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