Self-directed support (SDS)

PAssport to Independent Living, Episode 190

Interviews with Personal Assistants about their experiences of working in the role, and members of GCIL, WEA and SSSC.

Self-directed support survey, Episode 174

Conversation with Cathy McGregor and Lorraine Gillies from Audit Scotland about the national self-directed support survey 2017.

ISBA 2016: Anything to declare? - Jaynie Mitchell, Episode 166

Jaynie Mitchell, Director at Inspiring Inclusion (Scotland) shares the experience of her own family of accessing appropriate services and support for her son who was diagnosed with autism as a child.

In Control Scotland, Episode 153

Michael McEwan speaks to Keith Etherington, Director of In Control Scotland about the services the organisation provides.

It's SDS Awareness Week! Read the latest on Pilotlight

Pilotlight group montage

It's SDS Awareness Week (#SDSBlether) so we want you to know the latest about our Pilotlight project.

Pilotlight is working with co-design teams of people who use and deliver services across Scotland to design pathways to self-directed support.

Using a design approach, Pilotlight aims to demonstrate how to design support for seldom heard groups, provide more personalised and appropriate services and increase the marketplace of support providers.