Grow your Personal Learning Network

Published on 7 Sep 2017

Today we launch a ‘Grow Your Personal Learning Network’ online course / workshop for social services staff.

It is for anyone interested in learning more about the web and social media to support them build personal and professional networks and promote lifelong learning. 

If you want to build on your continual professional development, understanding the web (including social media) is really important. Growing your personal learning network is all about making the most of the web to grow who you know, what you know and recognising how it can make a difference to the way you work.

The course is set up to be completed over six weeks, but you can choose when you wish to undertake each unit. It can be completed over consecutive weeks or completed over a longer or shorter period. It's self-directed learning, but the more people involved, the more social it will be. And Iriss staff will be on hand to support you through it.

On successful completion of the six week, participants can apply for an Open Badge through the SSSC. This is a digital record of skills and achievements, and encourages CPD and post-registration accreditation of learning, as required by qualified and practising social services staff.

Sign-up now.