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Updated social media guidance

Social media

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) has recently updated its social media guidance for the workforce. It's great to see and is welcomed by Iriss given that we've been promoting the use of social media for learning and development purposes.

In a recent Third Force news article, Anna Fowlie, Chief Executive at SSSC speaks of the benefits:

UCanDoIT, digital literacy training, episode 109

Information on UCanDoIT which teaches people with disabilities how to use computers and the world wide web, including online shopping, banking and social media.

Building your personal learning network

People who can seek new information, make sense of it, and share it with their colleagues will be an asset to any work team

A network of people
In today’s workplace we learn with and from one another. This is called social learning. Popular social media, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, offer great opportunities for connecting, conversing, collaborating... and learning from one another…

Capacity building for mobile learning

Simple and accessible tools to help you create, find and share learning materials

Ian Watson introducing the workshop

During 2012-13 Iriss, in partnership with the SSSC ran a series of workshops for people involved in designing or delivering learning.


The Knowledge Management Strategy for the social services recognises that web-based tools - social bookmarking, Twitter, newsfeeds, Google search and Facebook - are now widely used for communication, collaboration and learning.

New technologies and child protection, episode 35

Event which explored the challenges of, and solutions to, protecting children, given the emergence of social media and other technologies.

Media and the criminal courts in Scotland, episode 28

At a seminar organised by Strathclyde University's Centre for Law, Crime and Justice, James Doleman talked about why social media in criminal courts should be seen as an opportunity rather than a problem.

Who's Leading? Social media in the workplace, episode 26

As part of Social Media Week 2012, Iriss joined forces with the Improvement Service to run a discussion forum on who should be taking the lead to allow greater access to social media.

IRISS.FM - Ian Watson

Iriss Champions network meeting

Ian Watson, Programme Manager at Iriss, speaks about IRISS.FM, internet radio for Scotland's social services.