Updated social media guidance

Published on 23 Oct 2017

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) has recently updated its social media guidance for the workforce. It's great to see and is welcomed by Iriss given that we've been promoting the use of social media for learning and development purposes.

In a recent Third Force news article, Anna Fowlie, Chief Executive at SSSC speaks of the benefits:

I’m a keen Twitter user and it can be a great way to share information, connect with people and promote what you do. I hope it gives workers the confidence to use social media appropriately and make the most of it to support their professional practice by connecting with a huge range of people and organisations.

We agree that social media is about connecting with individuals and organisations to improve professional practice. Iriss has been supporting students at the University of Strathclyde and University of Dundee to use social media in their education and to develop skills that they can take with them into the workplace. It is important, however, that social media use is within the standards set for social services staff, which is where the guidance comes in.

If you're a practitioner interested in trying out social media to inform and improve practice, sign up to our six-week Grow your Personal Learning Network online course.