Community social work case studies

Published in News on 26 Apr 2018
Showcasing community social work

We've created a series of case studies to demonstrate what community social work is and has to offer, grounded in real-life context and experience.

We're delighted to publish two of the case studies today:

There is an acceptance that ‘community’ is an important cornerstone in policy documents over the last decade or more. This was evident in Changing Lives (2006) and also echoed in Christie (2011) around embedding community participation in service design and delivery.

Bringing us further up-to-date, the Ministerial Foreward in the COSLA / Scottish Government National Health and Social Care Workforce Plan: Part 2 (2017) re-enforces the same message:

the transformation of care’ through a partnership approach that focuses on empowering people to be equal partners in their care and supports decisions which enables them to participate full in social and economic life and be supported in choices about how they live their lives.

In our workplaces, we will also likely have heard of strength- and asset-based approaches, co-design, co-production, co-commissioning, community capacity building, community resilience and community empowerment. And community activism isn’t dead either! The series aims to:

  • Celebrate the achievements of community social work and positive impacts
  • Share good practice and learning with others
  • Grow our understanding of what ‘community social work’ is and has to offer -  supporting future workforce planning, practice and policy.

We'll publish more in the series over the coming weeks.