Raising awareness of domestic abuse

Published on 25 Aug 2020

A new online tool is available to help support people experiencing, or at risk of, domestic abuse. Produced for professionals in the housing, social work, health and education sectors, the resource aims to improve understanding of coercive controlling behaviours, and where to direct people for further assistance.

It has been developed in partnership with stakeholders by the domestic abuse charity, SafeLives, backed by £10,000 Scottish Government investment, and forms part of a wider programme of accessible resources to improve the capacity of public service staff in Scotland to recognise and safely respond to survivors of domestic abuse.

Lucy McDonald from SafeLives in Scotland said:

“This tool ensures domestic abuse is everybody’s business. We know that victims and survivors will encounter different agencies, such as health and social care, and this tool will help professionals from those agencies have the skills and knowledge to provide support and empathy.

Many families in Scotland have been living in lockdown, and will have experienced greater challenges in getting the help they so urgently need. Tools this like should help professionals understand the dynamics of abuse and how to spot controlling behaviours, meaning we can help people become safe, sooner.”

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