Health and social care workers' mental wellbeing

Published in News on 19 May 2021

"The Covid-19 pandemic has seen many health and social care services become overwhelmed, particularly social workers who have seen a change to risk management and working practices, and an increase in referrals as the crises continues. Social care workers likewise, have experienced rapid change in working practices and risk management procedures, while working in a variety of settings, for example day care, nursing care, and people’s own homes."

The Health and Social Care Workforce Research Study is a UK-wide survey to examine the impact of providing health and social care during Covid-19 on the wellbeing and quality of working life of the health and social care workforce. It seeks views from nurses, midwives, allied health professionals (AHPs), social care workers and social workers.

The results of the research will result in practice recommendations for managers, employers and regulators on how to best support their workforce, both during the pandemic, as well as the business as usual times.

This is the final survey in a series of three surveys aimed at exploring the health and wellbeing of nurses, midwives, AHPs, social care workers and social workers in the UK during the pandemic. The reports from the first and second surveys, including the executive summaries with good practice guidance have been made available.

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