Living it Up

Living it Up describes itself as an online self-management hub, which aims to empower people to improve their health and wellbeing. Aimed at the over 50s, the resource is packed full of ideas and activities and is useful for those with long-term health conditions, those who provide care and anyone who wants to improve their health, wellbeing and quality of life. It is driven by a collaborative community approach.

Recovery Across Mental Health (RAMH)

Iriss.fm, episode 121

Renfrewshire Association for Mental Health (RAMH) celebrates 25 years of providing support. Michael McEwan speaks to Karen Milne who tells us about RAMH and launch of the celebrations. 

Delivering 'A Better Life' for older people with high support needs in Scotland

A briefing exploring how to achieve a good quality of life for older people with high support needs


A Better Life was a major five year programme of work developed by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation which explored how to achieve a good quality of life for older people with high support needs. This briefing has been produced by Iriss to ensure that the messages and challenges of A Better Life are understood in the context of the current policy drivers in Scotland and are translated into practice across the country.

Imagining the Future

Background and rationale

Note: A subsequent development of Imagining the Future saw the creation in November 2014 of a scenario planning tool in which we explore four different worlds that might emerge depending on the interplay of social, political and economic factors.

WITTY (What's Important To You?)

Create your own personalised map of what is important in your life to help promote well-being

WITTY is a free iPad app which enables people to visually map positive assets and factors they have and can better engage with in day to day life.

Whilst we have provided this tool on an iPad you could create a paper version yourself using A3/A4 paper and images and objects you have to hand.

Public mental health: global perspectives

Iriss.fm, episode 43

Coverage of the launch of a book - Public mental health: global perspectives. It involved a panel of speakers which included the editors and one of the contributors, who reflected on some of the issues addressed in the book.