Shared Care Scotland Time to Live report and stories

Published in News on 22 May 2022
Three illustrations by Catherine Lindow showing cares doing yoga, gardening and camping in a tent
Illustrations by Catherine Lindow

Today sees the publication by Shared Care Scotland of two documents investigating the impact that the Short Breaks Fund Time to Live (TfL) grant scheme has had on the personal outcomes of unpaid adult carers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Time to Live report covers

Iriss was commissioned to carry out and deliver the findings of this research, which involved holding 18 interviews in late 2021 with 12 carers and six care centres. The conclusions are featured in a report summarising the impact that the TfL short breaks have had on the carers and details the processes that underpin these breaks.

Additionally, Iriss collated a volume of Carer Stories which illustrate in the carers’ own words the imaginative ways in which they were able to utilise the flexibility offered by TtL grants to achieve the breaks they wanted, and in doing so achieved outcomes that include improvements in their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

More information on the research, and the two publications, can be found on the Shared Care Scotland website

Full report

Carers' Stories