Iriss annual Champions event 2014

Report of annual champions event 2014

Iriss annual champions event took place at New Lanark Mill Hotel on 12th and 13th November 2014. Twenty six champions made their way from as far north as Shetland and as far south as Dumfries and Galloway.

Achieving permanence for disabled children, episode 104

On 10 October 2014, attended 'Achieving permanence for disabled children’ event, which was held at the Teacher Building in Glasgow. The event was held to discuss a new piece of research - Achieving permanence for disabled children and young people in foster care and adoption.

The arts in social care: overview of the evidence base, episode 87

In early 2013, Consilium Research (commissioned by Skills for Care and the Baring Foundation) conducted a literature review of available evidence to explore the role of the arts in delivering social care outcomes. Jim Thomas gives us an overview of the research findings. This recording also features on Iriss's Creative Quarter website.

Welfare reform. Impact on third sector social and housing care providers in Scotland, episode 86

Iriss and CCPS - the Coalition of Care and Support Providers in Scotland - collaborated on an ESRC funded research project to investigate the impact of welfare reform on third sector social and housing care providers in Scotland. The results of this project were shared at a workshop on the 23rd of April 2014 in Edinburgh. Lead Researcher Gregory White describes the project and its findings.

The Peckham Experiment. Henrietta Trotter in conversation with Lisa Curtice, episode 78

Lisa Curtice in conversation with Henrietta Trotter who was closely involved with the Pioneer Health Centre, popularly known as the Peckham Experiment. The centre was set up in 1926 as a public health research study and became something of an icon for people interested in self organising communities.

The Hub

The Care Inspectorate, the independent scrutiny and improvement body for care services in Scotland, has launched The Hub, a website that provides access to resources aimed at supporting improvement in social services and social care through the use and sharing of intelligence and research-led practice. A fully accessible website, the content is provided in three categories: knowledge, innovation and improvement.