Getting evidence into action

Published on 19 Dec 2018

We've published a collection of papers detailing the evidence into action scoping methodology developed through pilots with social work and social care teams in three health and social care partnerships in Scotland.

The papers summarise the learning from the pilots and highlight key considerations for applying and further developing this methodology in the future. The themes for the pilots included domestic abuse, mental health and palliative care.

The collection aims to:

  • Develop and test a methodology that combines the use of published research, improvement evidence and practitioner knowledge
  • Further subject knowledge and develop action plans within the three pilot areas
  • Contribute knowledge towards the future development of an evidence search and summary service for the social services sector in Scotland

We hope that it may be useful to both those who are working in the subject specific priority areas that were the focus of the pilot studies, as well as those interested in the application, process and methods employed in using evidence to make service changes.