Our plans 2022-23

Published on 1 Jun 2022

Thank you for contributing to our workforce survey that was sent out in December 2021.

We've taken what you've told us on board. Our workplan for 2022-23 reflects that, as well as the aspirations set out in our strategy 2021-24.

You told us that you want us to focus most on:

  • Innovation in social work and social care support, in particular change at whole system level
  • Supporting teams to improve practice
  • Changing social work processes

You also told us to:

  • Think through the implications for social work and social care of the National Care Service
  • Do more cross-organisational collaboration
  • Develop more effective social work and social care leadership
  • Make commissioning and procurement work better for people

We plan to focus the majority of our work on Innovation and Change in social work and social care over the coming year. Read more about our approach to this programme.