Adult Support and Protection Resource Hub – callout for content

Published in News on 25 Jul 2023

Iriss is really excited to be leading, alongside the National Adult Support & Protection Co-Ordinator, a project to bring together Scotland’s knowledge about Adult Support and Protection all in one place – and you can help!

We are asking everyone who works in ASP to share what you find useful in your work. These might be formal training resources, reports, knowledge reviews, guidance, videos, podcasts, helpful local documents… basically anything that helps you in your ASP work. There’s a short resource submission form to fill in that will allow you to share a link, along with a few details about why you find it useful. Alternatively, if you have a lot of resources to suggest, please contact Jeanette Sutton at the address below.

In autumn 2023, when we’ve gathered lots of material, Iriss will sift it, categorise it, and build a web-based signposting resource enabling everyone to quickly and easily access ASP knowledge. We plan to launch at the beginning of 2024.

Please do get involved. No single person knows everything, but together we know a huge amount – and by sharing our knowledge, we can help make ASP better for everyone.

For more information, contact