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Sextortion Scams are a rapidly growing concern. It is a form of blackmail where victims are threatened with sexual information, photos or videos about themselves, and are coerced into doing something against their will.

The Adult Support and Protection National Large Scale Investigation Framework

This framework offers a set of processes and principles that will be helpful to those conducting and/or participating in Large Scale Investigations. To help think through how these processes and principles can be realised, the framework also contains practice steps that can be considered as hallmarks of good practice…

Chronologies in Adult Support and Protection: moving from current to best

This report describes scoping research undertaken by Iriss in support of the implementation of key elements of the Adult Support and Protection (ASP) National Improvement Plan (Scottish Government, 2019), in relation to the areas of 'data and evidence' and 'practice improvement.' A key focus is chronologies, which are consistently identified across inspection reports and numerous other reviews of adult Support and Protection activity (including Significant Case Reviews) as an area of improvement…