How do we learn writing?

In partnership with Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Council,  this year we will be exploring the different ways we can embed learning about professional writing. From interactive induction sessions, to co-designed audits of case notes, we will be looking at professional writing from range of angles to help us understand how to support staff and make change in this area. Iriss have been working in this area now for a number of years, and have developed a series of resources and tools that support the development of strong analysis in professional writing. However, we recognise the need for continued support to embed the learning. 

We know that professional writing in social care needs to be supported and is a skill that requires continued professional development. We also know that professional writing in these contexts is complex, and has a multitude of audiences and purposes. It's essential that this writing fulfils the needs of the people who are using services, and embeds a person-centred or child-centred approach into systems. 

Building on previous projects with East Ayrshire in 2020 and Borders in 2021, we will be using our resources, such as the writing analysis in social care course, to frame conversations whilst building on the gaps that were identified in the development of the course around mental models and supporting change. This previous work led to us reaching out to the sector across Scotland, to develop partnerships that would support creative embedding of this knowledge. Our key challenge in these settings are working out how to make interventions that will create change in the system.

The aims of this project are to:

  • Spread and embed the knowledge that has been gathered together in our writing analysis course and other case recording projects
  • Explore the different types of intervention in this area and establish the pros and cons of different approaches to creating change through embedding knowledge and evidence
  • Advance Aberdeen and Aberdeenshires engagements with writing analysis and support them to build on the work they are already doing and create change. 

We want to change attitudes around writing, and build positive writing cultures that support skills development. We want to raise awareness around the fact that behaviour change and practice change can come from a deeper understanding of how people feel about their professional writing. We also want to continue to share knowledge and experience around ways to build policy into practice around areas such as the Promise and adult support and protection.

Words of wisdom

Professional Development in Analytical Writing: Co-designing A Relationship-Based Test of Change.

In collaboration with Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Council, we have embarked on a journey to explore how we learn about professional writing. Professional writing in social care is an art, and it requires continuous professional development. It's characterised by its complexity, catering to a multitude of audiences and purposes…