Chief Social Work Officers Annual Report Summary 2019-2020

Published in Reports on 23 Mar 2021

Iriss was funded by the Office of The Chief Social Work Adviser, Scottish Government to undertake analysis and produce an overview of the Chief Social Work Officer (CSWO) 2019-2020 reports.

This report provides a summary of the main areas covered in the CSWO Annual Reports. These reports were based around a reporting template and give a general overview of the social work landscape in Scotland.

The CSWO Annual Reports are a means of reporting to Councils on the delivery of social work services in their area, highlighting key activities, developments, and challenges. Considering pressures caused by the current pandemic CSWOs were asked to include a short update on its impact.  Analysis of CSWO Annual Reports is commissioned annually by the Scottish Government’s Office of the Chief Social Work Adviser resulting in the creation of this and previous summary reports. 

This summary is intended to highlight key themes drawn from the 27 CSWO reports received to improve understanding of performance, improvement and challenges being experienced across the sector. It is not intended to be an in-depth analysis of social services in Scotland.