Information literacy

An interactive tutorial
By Iriss
Published on 16 Mar 2011

An interactive tutorial to support you learn how to find information you need quickly and use it effectively.

What can this tutorial be used for?

To develop your information literacy skills.

How do you use it?

This tutorial breaks down information literacy into six simple steps (question, sources, find,evaluate, combine, and share and apply). As you work through each step you are presented with activities that help you develop your information literacy skills.

Outcomes of using this resource

The anticipated outcomes of using this resource are that you will have a better understanding of how to:

  1. Think about what information you need to know
  2. Create focused search questions
  3. Identify keywords and equivalent words
  4. Distinguish between explicit and implicit information
  5. Identify sources of information
  6. Know what sources will best suit your information need
  7. Understand the value of search engines.
  8. Use a search engine
  9. Use Google features
  10. Understand general search strategies, including using the AND, OR, and NOT functions.
  11. Make quick and informed decisions as to whether information is credible and reliable
  12. Evaluate explicit and implicit information.
  13. Organise your information
  14. Understand social bookmarking and tagging
  15. Use brainstorming and mind mapping to articulate ideas
  16. Understand and apply copyright, citations and references.
  17. Effectively share your information
  18. Communicate your information clearly
  19. Apply your knowledge to practice