Fit for the Future, episode 79

Rhiann McLean, lead on Fit for the Future, a joint Iriss and Scottish Care project, speaks to IRISS.FM about the project's aims and objectives and gives us an update on progress to date. Fit for the Future is a project dedicated to inspiring better outcomes for older people in Scotland.

What does prevention mean in an ageing population?, episode 68

Plan P: New approaches to prevention with older people, is an Iriss project which addresses the issue of social isolation and loneliness amongst older people. Each quarter the advisory group records a group discussion about a related aspect of prevention. This is the first discussion - 'What does prevention mean in an ageing population'.

Spirituality and ageing: Implications for the care and support of older people

Insight 19

Key Points

  • There is disagreement and discussion about the definition of spirituality
  • Ageing is a journey which includes a spiritual dimension
  • The spiritual dimension focuses on meaning of life, hope and purpose, explored through relationships with others, with the natural world and with the transcendent
  • The evidence base suggests that genuine and intentional accompaniment of people on their ageing journey; giving time, presence and listening are th