Black and Minority Ethnic (BME)

Getting it right

Assessments for BME carers and service users

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This learning resource provides the learner with the necessary skills and knowledge to critically examine – from point of assessment to actual service delivery – how the needs of minority ethnic carers and service users are currently being met. It therefore aims to ensure that the need to achieve equality of opportunity and access lies at the heart of individual and collective practice.

Forgotten Citizens: today's forgotten citizens - Furrah Arshad, Tahira Ramzan

Forgotten Citizens conference

Furrah Arshad: Furrah will introduce us to the work of her organisation Ethnic Enable and how it started up. She will also talk us through some of the major issues affecting people with learning disabilities from black and minority ethnic communities in Scotland. She will also share her thoughts on how best to support and make connections with families from black and minority ethnic communities.