Enhancing outcomes for black and minority ethnic social work students in Scotland

Published in Reports on 24 Sep 2013

Compiled by Peter Hillen, PhD student, University of Edinburgh.

Final report of research that aimed to:

  • Increase awareness of the issues and barriers that BME social work students in Scotland face
  • Increase awareness of strategies that help to overcome these issues and barriers with a view to maximising outcomes for BME social work students in Scotland
  • Decrease barriers to successful outcomes for BME social work students in Scotland
  • Promote a more diverse social services workforce in Scotland

The project is a response to evidence which suggests that a higher percentage of BME students fail or take longer to complete their studies in comparison to the white Scottish student population.

It was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and was conducted in partnership with IRISS, the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC), Multi-Cultural Family Base (MCFB) and seven universities that provide social work education in Scotland.

The report was complied on behalf of the Enhancing Outcomes for BME SW Students in Scotland Steering Group and was directed by the group, which was made up of representatives from each of the partner organisations.