Limelight Music

Iriss.fm, episode 152

In this episode, Michael McEwan speaks to Gordon Dougall, Artistic Director of Limelight Music.

Limelight is a Scottish Equalities professional music training and production company that delivers high-quality inclusive music projects across Scotland and Europe.

My Life My Way - Wesley Greer

Iriss.fm, episode 141

Never underestimate people with disability. Wesley (Wes) Greer talks to Michael McEwan of Able Radio about his life from school through the highs and lows of breaking into performing arts. Currently Wes is working in a voluntary post at Common Knowledge UK (CKUK). He is also a member of East Kilbride Rep Theatre where he recently played the dormouse in their pantomime adaptation of Alice In Wonderland. This was particularly intriguing as Wes is 6ft 5 inches tall!

My Life My Way - Lynn Murdoch

Iriss.fm, episode 140

In our continuing series My Life, My Way Lynn Murdoch talks candidly to Michael McEwan of Able Radio about life with cerebral palsy. Lynn attended mainstream schools and tried office work for a while. Now living in own home and working as an activities coordinator in a care home, she offers advice and encouragement to others with a disability.

My Life My Way - George Gordon

Iriss.fm, episode 139

Michael McEwan of Able Radio talks to George Gordon, a part-time receptionist with with SCLD who has previously worked with Common Knowledge as an interviewer on the Special Olympics and as a support worker. He has also worked on the SCLD Citizen Leadership programme. He talks about the challenge of attending college while working as a School Traffic Patroller and has advice on how to deal with bullying and verbal abuse.

Values into Action Scotland

Iriss.fm, episode 129

Values into Action Scotland promotes rights and equality for people with learning difficulties and individuals on the autistic spectrum. In this episode Michael McEwan of Able Radio first talks to David Ross about how his work as a Quality Checker helps people bring more choice and control into their lives. Then Catherine Hurrell talks about a project to develop modern apprenticeships for young people on the autistic spectrum.

Young Scotland's Got Talent

Iriss.fm, episode 115

Supporting people with learning disability into work. Michael McEwan of Able Radio in conversation with Emma Hill about the East Project in East Renfrewshire. The project is run by Enable Scotland to support people with disabilities into employment.

Michael McEwan talks to Maura Lynch about Young Scotland's Got Talent, an employment campaign for young people with learning difficulties and individuals on the autistic spectrum, the puts premium on having fun.

My Life My Way - Gordon Roy

Iriss.fm, episode 97

Experiences of a day centre for people with learning disability. Gordon Roy left school when he was 17 in the 1980s and attended a day centre. He was told he wouldn’t be able to work or have a family. He left the day centre, went to college and has held down a steady job for many years. He also has a family. In the first of this new series, My Life My Way, Gordon talks to Michael McEwan of Able Radio about his life.

Journeys back into work

A series of case studies on the subject of supported employment

The inequality between disabled people's employment rates and those of the general population is stark. Despite improved legislation and various employability initiatives to tackle the disparity, little progress has been made in increasing the level and quality of disabled people's labour market participation.

Journeys back into work: Lyndsay Scott

Journeys back into work

Lyndsay Scott has a visual impairment which proved a barrier to finding employment. With support from RNIB she was able develop the skills necessary to work in cafe and subsequently become a manager,

One of a series of videos on the subject of supported employment, made by Iriss in partnership with SUSE (Scottish Union of Supported Employment).