Disability and access to leisure

ESSS Outline

This Outline looks at how providers of leisure activities can improve accessibility and inclusivity for people with disabilities and their carers.

Values statements of disability organisations

ESSS Outline

Looks at how the diverse needs of disabled people can be addressed in an organisation’s values statement. It also summarises evidence on the values that can support the workforce in delivering quality disability services, and how these values can be integrated in the third sector.

Keys to Inclusion

Recent evidence from a poll commissioned by the charity, Scope, found that nearly 40% of people (who are not disabled and do not have a disabled family member) don't know any disabled people, and that 90% of Britons have never had a disabled person in their house for a social occasion. These are just some of the statistics that highlight how disabled people are, for the most part, invisible in modern day-to-day life.