Literature review

Creating a culture of innovation

Final report of the Creating a Culture of Innovation project

Report that provides an overview and analysis of activities undertaken by Iriss - insights that have been gathered over the course of the Creating a Culture of Innovation project and a review of literature on encouraging creativity within organisations.

Practitioner research in Children 1st: cohorts, networks and systems

This evaluation explores the practitioner research initiative of Children 1st and the Glasgow School of Social Work which was aimed at supporting practitioners to develop and undertake their own small-scale research projects. The project sought to have an impact at three levels: individual, team, and organisation. The findings discuss the consequences, benefits and outcomes at all of these three levels.

Shared approach to performance assessment of social work students: literature review and practice audit

Integrated Assessment

Shared educational experiences between professionals is seen as one way of improving joint working once students qualify in their respective professions. The aim of this shared assessment project is to explore and document the ways in which professionals from disciplines other than social work can contribute to the performance assessment of social work students and conversely where they are less able to do so.

Opportunities for interprofessional learning: literature review

Learning For Effective And Ethical Practice

This review seeks to identify the key themes informing the task of equipping social workers to work in a multidisciplinary context (SSSC 2003). The review considers how policy imperatives for organisational change have reinforced new budgetary, managerial and operational relationships across the professions.

Agency-based practice learning: literature review

Learning For Effective And Ethical Practice

This report reflects the requirement of Objective 1.3 of the LEEP Project: Systematically review and thematically summarise the literature (using both existing summaries and new sources) concerned with agency based practice learning across a range of settings, drawing conclusions designed to assist HEIs to develop effective approaches.