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Imagining the Future: Citizenship and Innovation

How innovation in social services can advance citizenship for all in Scotland

Yesterday is another world
Change occurs when old patterns break down and new patterns begin to replace them. Change is not always good. In human affairs it is just as likely that people will react with fear, hatred or injustice to change. So the challenge is not just to change - but to change well - to innovate. If innovation means good change then this forces us to ask a further question - what is good?

Social Welfare at the British Library

It is argued that welfare reform will have a significant impact on benefit claimants and the supports that vulnerable people in society receive. Access to quality and consistent information will be important in ensuring that people are prepared for the changes that will ensue.

Improving child protection, messages for research - Robin Sen, Pam Green Lister

Glasgow School of Social Work research seminar

Robin Sen and Dr Pam Green Lister. Robin Sen currently works as a Lecturer in Child and Family Social Work at Sheffield. Prior to that he was a Teaching Fellow at the University of Strathclyde for three and a half years. His practice background is as a children and families practitioner in Glasgow, where he had a particular focus on working with looked after and accommodated children. He is also a qualified Practice Teacher in social work.