Write an Iriss Insight

Published on 1 Mar 2018

Iriss Insights (evidence summaries) are intended to promote debate, discussion and reflection to inform and improve future policy and practice. They concisely summarise evidence on a topic of interest to social services workforce. Insights are an established brand and provide an excellent way to reach a wider audience and support the transfer of knowledge.

Do you have an idea for an Insight?

You might have a particular idea, or maybe you're sitting on desk research or have completed a literature review for a dissertation that could be turned into an Insight.

We would love to hear from you. Please provide a sketch of your idea by Friday, 16 March.

See a full list of Insight topics to date. Our Guide for Authors provides further information, including fees and contracts.

We will provide a response to all ideas by the end of April 2018, and commission those we want to take forward in the coming year.

Contact: Kerry Musselbrook.