Fit for the Future: Beautiful Practice Cards

A series of blank postcards.

What can this tool be used for?

To encourage people who access support to record beautiful practice that has touched them.

How do you use it?

Give people postcards and ask them to record their experiences of beautiful practice. Explain that you want to find out more about what you do well as an organisation, so that you can do more of that in the future.

Leading change in supervision

Messages from practice

This report describes the rationale, process and learning from a project led by Iriss which explored the topic of supervision with a group of six partners from across the social services sector. The purpose of this report is to share the learning gathered through the project to provide some evidence, inspiration, and pointers for those interested in improving supervision.

Knowledge into practice, episode 92

Michael McEwan talks to Dr Ann Wales about translating knowledge into practice.

Delivering integrated care and support

Report commissioned by ADSW

Document that is the second review of research evidence completed for ADSW by Professor Alison Petch from Iriss on the factors that underpin best health and social care integrated practice.

Mindfulness in practice, episode 67

Conversation with Sandra Gyaltsen and Jane Kellock on the application of mindfulness to social services practice.

The role of personal storytelling in practice

Insight 23

Key points

  • Storytelling influences change at individual practice as well as organisational level
  • Listening to stories facilitates better person-centred care and can lead to improved services
  • Hearing personal stories engenders greater understanding, empathy and reflection
  • Rapport, trust and care can be nurtured in practitioner-service user relationships through storytelling
  • Personal storytelling benefits the teller as it can empower, encou