ISBA 2016: Anything to declare? - Jaynie Mitchell

Iriss.fm, Episode 166

Jaynie Mitchell, Director at Inspiring Inclusion (Scotland) shares the experience of her own family of accessing appropriate services and support for her son who was diagnosed with autism as a child.


Iriss on…

Walking a tightrope
This publication intends to provoke a conversation about the power of embracing risk as a natural part of decision making, and the complexity of sharing risk between professionals and people who access support.

Keeping an eye on the child

Iriss.fm, episode 25

Professor Brigid Daniel's keynote address to the 2012 SCOPT (Scottish Organisation for Practice Teaching) annual conference.

Decision-making and social work in Scotland

The role of evidence and practice wisdom

This report presents the results of a small qualitative study undertaken between February and March 2011. It considers the role of evidence in decision making around risk in social work and what affects this process.

The research aims to shed light on the relationship between evidence and practice wisdom (as an evidence type or integrating vehicle) or professional judgement, and how this relationship shapes decision making.

Balancing innovation and risk in social services

Embracing change

Despite a strong history of innovation and improvement in Scotland, some organisations have many structural and cultural features that impede its development by limiting risk taking and imposing tried and tested standardised solutions.

I introduced the topic of risk and innovation with a colleague the other day who managed to summarise some of the main challenges in a quick anecdote: