The Assessment Triangle

exploring a key concept within child welfare
Published in Online learning materials on 15 Mar 2011

The Assessment Triangle is a key concept within child welfare and is a term that has been used since the late 1990s. In Scotland, it has been adopted within the development of an Integrated Assessment Framework, to which we also refer in this learning resource. There are a number of aspects of child assessment, in any domain - the home, the playground, the classroom, the GP surgery, or residential care, and others - where you will be thinking about assessment models and practice.

This learning resource is intended to introduce you to the Triangle so that it may help you order your impressions (or assessment) of both a child's needs and her aspirations. This learning resource consists of five sections: Assessment, Key Concepts, The Triangle, and Mairi's Life. Includes an interview with Professor Norma Baldwin who chaired the National Working Group to look at an integrated assessment framework.