Child protection

Child abuse scandals and online discourse, Episode 160

Danielle Farrel, spoke to us about her PhD research, which examined the 2012 child abuse scandals in the UK. The research focused on the multifunctional nature of online discourse surrounding the issue.

Reforming child protection insights from Australasia, episode 149

In this seminar, Professor Marie Connolly, shares her experiences of child welfare reform efforts in Australia and New Zealand. Situating these reforms within a broader frame of political change across the public sector, she discusses the ways in which reform occurs within a dynamic and quickly changing environment.

Putting the baby IN the bathwater, why attachment matters for all, episode 100

We all believe in preventing harm to children and we know that attachment plays a key role in prevention, but how do we close the gap between what we know and what we do? Putting the baby IN the bathwater is a coalition of some 80 organisations and individuals committed to making Scotland the best place to grown up. The coalition recommended numerous amendments to the Children and Young People Bill, many of which were incorporated into the 2014 Act.

Why attachment matters beyond early years. SAIA Conference, December 2013, episode 73

During the Scottish Attachment In Action 2013 conference IRISS.FM spoke to the speakers - Tam Baillie, Judy Furnivall, Helen Minnis, Sally Wassell and Paul Gilroy - as well as some of the delegates on a range of topics: how research into brain development in early years is helping us understand brain development in adolescence; professionalism and risk averse practices; why attachment is not better understood by everyone working in human services; evidence informed practice and practice infor

Working together to safeguard and protect children and young people in sport, episode 57

The 'Working together to safeguard and protect children and young people in sport' conference was held on 29 October, 2013 at Celtic Park. It was a partnership event of WithScotland and Children 1st. IRISS.FM attended and spoke to Shona Robison, Minister for Commonwealth Games and Sport; Beth Smith, Director of WithScotland; Campbell Bell, Service Manager with Safeguarding in Sport; and Deborah Fry, lecturer in child protection at University of Edinburgh.

New technologies and child protection, episode 35

New technologies and child protection. On 1st March 2013, IRISS.FM attended the 'New technologies and child protection' conference which was held at the Scottish Police College in Tulliallan. It was hosted by WithScotland in partnership with the Criminal Justice Social Work Development Centre and Youth Justice National Development Team. The event explored the challenges of, and solutions to, protecting children, given the emergence of social media and other technologies.

Change is a Must (CIAM)

This is where it starts

Change Is a Must (CIAM) was developed in response to the local and national focus on early years, early intervention, and the increase in numbers of children on the Child Protection Register who are affected by parental substance misuse. CIAM reflects priority areas within Perth and Kinross Single Outcome Agreement, as well as national policy.