Integrated assessments in children’s services

ESSS Outline

Integrated assessments in children's services
This Outline explores the evidence around integrated assessment in children's services, identifies research around children's and families' experiences of the assessment process and recommendations for good practice around how to improve assessment experiences. It also includes some articles focusing on key issues in integrated assessment, including electronic information systems, data protection, privacy and the potential impacts of surveillance, and signposts to some training, learning resources and tools.

Involving young people: messages from research, episode 21

Helen Whincup, Teaching Fellow at the University of Stirling, reflects on a qualitative study of young people and their feelings about how they are involved, or not, in assessment and decision making.

Making sense of child and family assessment - Duncan Helm

Contemporary issues in child protection seminar series

Duncan Helm. Focuses on how practitioners carry out analysis in child care family assessments. Theories of judgement are applied to help understand the processes through which practitioners make sense of information in assessments. In particular the presentation focuses on the nature of judgements made under pressures of time and conditions of uncertainty.

Getting it right

Assessments for BME carers and service users

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This learning resource provides the learner with the necessary skills and knowledge to critically examine – from point of assessment to actual service delivery – how the needs of minority ethnic carers and service users are currently being met. It therefore aims to ensure that the need to achieve equality of opportunity and access lies at the heart of individual and collective practice.

Tackling volatile substance abuse in Scotland

A training programme for the social care workforce

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This training programme for the social care workforce carries detailed information about solvent and volatile substance abuse, together with a range of materials that you can download and refer to again and again. This resource also contains audio interviews, videos, factsheets and in-depth training materials that you'll be able to take away and use in the training of others.

The Assessment Triangle

exploring a key concept within child welfare

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The Assessment Triangle is a key concept within child welfare and is a term that has been used since the late 1990s. In Scotland, it has been adopted within the development of an Integrated Assessment Framework, to which we also refer in this learning resource. There are a number of aspects of child assessment, in any domain - the home, the playground, the classroom, the GP surgery, or residential care, and others - where you will be thinking about assessment models and practice.

Extended link supervisor model - Anne Spiers

Key Capabilities in Child Care and Protection

This episode might be of interest to anyone involved in student practice learning within the workplace. Although its focus is on social work practice, the model described could be adapted for use within a wide range of other professional contexts.