Social inclusion

Community-based activities and young people’s wellbeing

ESSS Outline

This evidence summary examines how community-based interventions can support young people's social and emotional wellbeing. Due to a scarcity of robust evaluation and reporting taking place across the sector, we selected a wide-range of materials for this review, including systematic reviews, relevant individual studies and case studies from UK-based organisations. Studies examining a range of different children’s and young people’s interventions were selected, with most aimed at improving social skills, emotional wellbeing and behavioural difficulties.

PAssport to Independent Living, Episode 190

Interviews with Personal Assistants about their experiences of working in the role, and members of GCIL, WEA and SSSC.

My Life My Way - Wesley Greer, episode 141

Wesley Greer talks to Michael McEwan of Able Radio about his life from school through the highs and lows of breaking into performing arts.

Dates-n-Mates, episode 117

Information on Dates n Mates, a friendship and dating agency for people with learning disabilities.

We went, we worked, we conquered!... in Bulgaria

About a year ago we received an invitation from Varna Business Agency(VBA) in Bulgaria to collaborate in the development and implementation of a programme to introduce innovative methods for exchange of knowledge, skills and approaches to social inclusion. VBA had found us on the web and been impressed by our range of services.