New technologies and child protection, episode 35

Event which explored the challenges of, and solutions to, protecting children, given the emergence of social media and other technologies.

BT as a learning organisation - Alex Wilson

Practical learning conference (PEPE 2008)

Alex Wilson, will cover how BT puts learning at the heart of its business and uses this to develop its talent and leadership capability. Alex will explain the philosophy of learning in BT, how it is systematically integrated to the business objectives and tracked and measured against business drivers. He will talk about BT using technology to accelerate learning and as an enabler for business transformation.

Web 2.0 and informal learning - Learning technology team

e-learning in the workplace

Learning Technology Team, Scottish Institute of Excellence in Social Work Education. How can blogs, wikis, podcasting and other web 2.0 methods be harnessed to support learning for practice? This workshop will enable participants to learn more about the "Web 2.0" phenomenon, demonstrate some emerging educational applications, and consider the pros and cons of applying these methods in the context of learning for the social service workforce.