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What we do

We work with people and organisations across social work and social care to help them access and use knowledge and innovation to create positive change.


What does this look like? 

We share knowledge in creative ways, for example, by producing evidence summaries, case studies and online courses. We develop skills and capacities, through learning and working together, to create our resources. 

Examples include our Evidence Search and Summary Service summaries, a community social work series of case studies, the Co-production Project Planner and our online course that supports practitioners to develop skills in case writing and analysis.

We build on people’s strengths and draw out their expertise, perspectives and experience. The knowledge that people hold informs the problems we’re trying to solve.

Our recording practice project involved desk research, scoping and interactive workshops with practitioners, which informed the creation of an online course to support skills development. To improve understanding about supervision we worked with three organisations to explore effective leadership and management skills.

We connect people together to share expertise, experience and knowledge. 

We brought together people and organisations in the field of Rural Social Work to discuss and share knowledge on topics of interest to these communities. Activities included a series of webinars, the creation of a blog and a network. Another example of how we connect people to share knowledge is our partnership work with the NHS Near Me and the Scottish Government Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Programme, to implement the use of Near Me video consulting in the sector.

We seek different and imaginative ways to do things and support others to do the same. This is apparent in the way we deliver our events and workshops, and the approaches we take to developing tools and resources. 

Our Outcomes & CO tool was created to support practitioners and managers across social work and social care reflect on their views, values and experiences of a personal outcomes approach. It was produced as a set of cards which could be used flexibly and adapted for a range of audiences, including health and housing.

We work in partnership to raise awareness and help bridge the worlds of policy and practice. 

Our work in the area of Gypsy/Traveller social work has resulted in a number of events and resources that open discussion about current practice in this area and that aim to influence future policy and practice.