Gayle Rice

School of Life

I recently attend two courses at the School of Life. One was called ‘How to communicate better at work’ and the other ‘How to have better conversations’. Both classes were pretty theoretical (as the School of Life has arisen from making people aware of the philosophies we do or do not engage with in our lives). However, one key point I drew from each class was that good questions are key when communicating.

Brain Pickings

If you believe creativity comes from many places then you may be interested in Brain Pickings, a blog by Maria Popova that enquires into many different aspects of life.

Maria dips into and weaves between aspects such as: literature, art, science, the environment, psychology, design, philosophy and many others.

Talking with images

I have boards on Pinterest full of quotes and images that I have collected because I am instinctively drawn to them. They talk to me, the quotes in an obvious way, the images in a not so obvious way, but they still have something to say.

How to run an experience lab

Developing social care and support

A guide on what needs to be considered when running an experience lab, and how the methodology can be evaluated.

Working with outcomes: the practitioner experience

Experience lab, case study 1


South Lanarkshire is moving from a day care centre service delivery model (where daily activities are provided), to a model that supports and facilitates individuals with learning difficulties to access lifestyle choices that they want and need in the community.

What do we mean by change?

‘And that is how change happens. 
One gesture. One person. 
One moment at a time’
— Libba Bray

But what do we mean by change, and what do we want to change and why?