Rhiann McLean

Buddies: The Glen Isla Project

co-designing a support tool

In 2016/17, Iriss worked with the Glen Isla project, a women’s criminal justice centre based in Arbroath, to enhance relational approaches. This is the story behind the development of Buddy: a support tool.


Iriss on…

This publication intends to provoke a conversation about the power of embracing risk as a natural part of decision making, and the complexity of sharing risk between professionals and people who access support.

Fit for the Future: The future of care

A series of quotes from stakeholders across Scotland about the future of care and how we might get there.

What can this tool be used for?

Use these quotes to prompt discussion and debate and to begin to think about making your own vision for the future a reality.

Members of the group can choose to focus on a single quote and respond, or engage with all of the quotes and choose which ones they agree or disagree with.

Fit for the Future: Enhancing relationships in care at home using caring conversations

A workshop process to introduce care home staff to caring conversations.

What can this tool be used for?

Introducing care home staff to caring conversations

How do you use it?

This case study explains how the workshops can be used, and what specific exercises can help groups embrace caring conversations as an approach.

The tool breaks the course down week by week with intended outcomes, activities and examples.

Fit for the Future: Beautiful Practice Cards

A series of blank postcards.

What can this tool be used for?

To encourage people who access support to record beautiful practice that has touched them.

How do you use it?

Give people postcards and ask them to record their experiences of beautiful practice. Explain that you want to find out more about what you do well as an organisation, so that you can do more of that in the future.

Fit for the Future: Outcomes in care homes cards

Cards which show a series of snapshots of what life in an outcomes-focused care home might look like.

What can this tool be used for?

You could use this tool as an inspiration for what could be, as a challenge for what should be, or to help prompt the start of a process of change in your care home.

Fit for the Future: Lessons for collaboration

Five useful points to remember.

What can this tool be used for?

Bringing people together to collaborate.

How do you use it?

These lessons can be applied to any collaborative project and should be used as ‘food for thought’ to help plan productive partnerships.

Outcomes of using this tool

Providers are able to enable collaboration.

Fit for the Future: Values based recruitment

A series of exercises to be done with management teams, staff and people who access support.

What can this tool be used for?

Understanding and integrating organisational values into the recruitment process.

How do you use it?

The tools should be used with management, staff and people who access support. The tools offer an opportunity to:

Fit for the Future: Business planning

Three templates of basic business planning tools

What can this tool be used for?

Creating a SWOT analysis, creating an action plan and developing a service story

How do you use it?

These tools should be used by organisations who are considering a change to their current approach of delivering care and support. They help to map out change and navigate potential barriers. Each planning tool has individual instructions or prompts to support thinking.