This collection brings together key Iriss resources on the topic of trauma affecting both children and adults. It includes podcast episodes, evidence summaries and video. 

Trauma, recovery & personal outcomes

The Personal Outcomes Network (Iriss is a member of it's co-ordinating group) recently hosted a webinar which included an input from John McCormack about recovery, trauma and personal outcomes. In his presentation John touches on trauma as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the opportunities posed by 'post-pandemic growth'.

Covid-19 stories

The Personal Outcomes Network have also been gathering stories to highlight the ways in which those working in the social services and health workforce are maintaining a focus on personal outcomes during the pandemic. podcast episodes


Trauma and Homelessness Team (Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Trauma Service)

Case study – Change the frame blog (2016)

This case study describes a service developed to respond to trauma and homelessness in Glasgow and is based on a discussion with Dr Lisa Reynolds, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of Greater Glasgow and Clyde (GG&C) NHS Trauma Service.


The trauma of parenting traumatised children (2015)

Supporting parents and children towards healthy and secure attachments 

This article on Research Unbound, has looked at trauma and its impact on children and the parental figures who are caring for them. It highlights the various aspects of trauma; primary, secondary and vicarious trauma; the pervasive and long-lasting nature of trauma; and its impact on family life. The article stresses that both children and foster carers can suffer from all aspects of trauma.

How early years trauma affects the brain

The child who mistrusts good care

Dan Hughes summarises how the brain reacts to trauma and how an understanding of this process is helpful to foster and adoptive parents and professionals.